A Day With Dottie

December 2023

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In March of 1998, the Shepherd’s Home opened its doors to its first resident and before long, the Home was at capacity. With the generous financial support of donors and the commitment of talented staff and volunteers, the Shepherd’s Home has provided Hope for countless Idaho children and families.

History of the Shepherd’s Home

The idea for the Shepherd’s Home was born in the home and hearts of Bill and Dottie Basye. The Basyes, working closely with the Department of Health and Welfare, sought a way to overcome the lack of adequate foster care available to children in central Idaho. To provide for the many children in crisis who needed a safe and loving home, they created a community initiative that quickly gathered support and momentum. The Shepherd’s Home was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1996 and opened its doors, fully operational, in the spring of 1998. During the brief interim between dream and reality, several donations of local money, time, and professional labor made the building of the Home possible. The local Lutheran church donated an acre of land and several large foundation grants were used to build the Home and hire the Home’s first staff. Community members provided enormous support and established fundraising events to support the new Home. Since that time the Shepherd’s Home has grown into a cherished and highly-regarded regional resource, providing not only a loving home for children in crisis but also providing additional programs for its residents and for community members to support the prevention of child abuse.



- Dottie Bayse

When I reflect on these past 10 years, it seems just like yesterday when the ribbon was cut and the house was officially open and there was a 16 year old girl waiting to move in….and all of a sudden the house was practically full with wonderful children, teens coming and going…..I smile when I see some of the faces flash before me….what a blessing they were in Bill’s and my life. So many fond memories…..And the community!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Whatever the need to get the house built…..Someone always stepped up and said: “I can do that”……. I’m telling you, in those two years of raising money and then actually building the Shepherd’s Home, it was like standing in the middle of a miracle and watching it happen. I could go on and on…. One thing for sure, God was the Construction Manager and all those involved were his workers….. A home built debt free ten years ago…..Pretty amazing…….”


“Though our mission is to serve children, we acknowledge that to adequately do that requires working to some extent with families and communities at large. Through the following objectives, we seek not only to provide children with shelter in the storm, but to stop abusive cycles by working within a wider context.”


My name is Jacob Kautz and I had the privilege of living in the Shepherd's Home during the school year of 1999-2000. Although my stay was short, the experience has stayed with me in my heart and thoughts ever since. I was not abused, nor was I neglected, but instead more of a “ trouble child”. I grew up in nearby Weiser where I had grown up not knowing what it was like to live in a home or community where people actually cared about their children and instead walked around with a sort of chip on my shoulder. After being kicked out of school in Weiser I finished up my freshman year at McCall-Donnelly while living with my uncle. After he had moved, I searched around for somewhere to stay so that I could finish school when Mrs. Fitzgerald (local teacher/family friend) had introduced me to the Shepherd's Home. They cared so much about children that they even gave this trouble maker a second chance just to keep a child in school. Everything from: helping with school work, instilling family values, introducing me to church, showing what it’s like to have a home cooked meal, to even the comforts of the Kunkel family singing us to sleep - they did it all. And the children who got to experience that little bit of a “normal” family could never be more thankful. Since then I have enlisted into the United States Air Force and am serving at Fort Meade in Maryland and currently hold a Top Secret Clearance. I am married to a great woman named Shelby Lynn (24) and have a beautiful little boy named Lawson Ashton (17 months) and if it was not for the Shepherd's Home and the community of McCall, Idaho I wouldn’t be where I am today. To the town of McCall, schools, and most important

Jacob Kautz
Previous Resident of the Shepherd’s Home

The Shepherds Home is a valuable resource in Valley County for the benefit and emergency welfare of the youth. More than once, the Shepherds Home has provided temporary or long term emergency housing for the at risk youth who have entered into the Court system. The Shepherds Home has graciously provided their services, with no hesitation to accommodate. The Court believes the Shepherds Home to be a partner in the goal of improving the overall circumstances for youth in the community.

Chris Anderson
Valley County Court Services
Juvenile Probation Officer