The Shepherd 200 Challenge

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The Shepherd 200 Challenge is an undertaking for the endurance minded.  Running two 100 mile races in one summer, all in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the Shepherd Home. A foster home located in McCall, ID whose mission is to help children of abusive homes find loving environments. While nothing compares to the journey a child makes from an abusive setting into a loving home, these 200 miles will ensure that more help is brought to those already making that journey.

The Inspiration:

For his 50th year on the planet, Ryan Heywood wanted to challenge himself with something big and worthwhile.  He had landed on running two 100 mile races in a fairly short window,  And having some experience using his skills of running for hours and hours to help raise money and awareness, he chose to pick a local charity, knowing that having a big Why behind the challenge he could use that as motivation to help pull him through hard moments. Hence, The Shepherd 200 Challenge was born. The charity Ryan is running for is Shepherd’s Home located in McCall. They help kids and teens who are transitioning from abusive situations to foster families.

The Races:

Palisades Ultra Trail Series: 100 Miler
Irwin, Idaho
July 19, 2024

IMTUF 100 Miler
McCall, Idaho
Sept 21, 2024

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